Premium quality made to last

Premium quality made to last

AEG solar modules are made to last and to deliver safely clean energy to household, commercial, and utility installations over their whole lifespan. This is possible thanks to advanced product design, the accurate selection of components, and exacting manufacturing standards. Reliable technologies We at Solar Solutions constantly strive to offer those technologies that have proven … Read more

New in the AEG Solar product portfolio: Shingle solar modules

New in the AEG Solar product portfolio: Shingled solar modules

The AEG solar module family welcomes new members: the brand-new AEG shingle modules. Consistently with the AEG hallmark of outstanding product looks, the AEG shingle modules stand out for their excellent aesthetics; but it is their technical advances that grant them a place on the pedestal. Let’s look into what makes them special! The shingling … Read more

New Distribution Partner in Germany: Enbekon GmbH

Since 2009, Enbekon GmbH plans, builds, operates and maintains commercial- and industrial-size renewable energy systems, focusing on photovoltaic systems, heat-power (CHP) systems, ORC-systems, steam turbines and e-charging infrastructure. With over 2000 renewable projects deployed throughout Germany and a strong team…

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