360° energy solutions for your home


Discover our new Ultra Black Shingled M6 and G12 solar modules of the AEG Premium Series and our AEG High Efficiency G12 Shingled solar modules; for outstanding sleek looks and maximum efficiency for rooftop installations.

Make the sun work even at night with the AEG plug-and-play energy storage unit (4, 8 and 12 kW) and the new high voltage battery (10 and 15 kW) for modular planning flexibility

Enjoy maximum planning flexibility with the single-phase and three-phase AEG grid-tied solar inverters up to 15 kW; with sleek looks and compact size, elegance meets power.

Enjoy the freedom of filling up your car on the sun with the new AEG EV charge fast, drive & repeat -with the 11 kW and 22 kW wallboxes for indoor and outdoor.


Would you like to purchase AEG solar products for your home, or include AEG solar modules, inverters, storage and EV chargers in your installation portfolio? Contact one of our selected AEG Distribution Partners. They will be glad to support.

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