How AEG IMM Technology works

AEG IMM (Individual Module Monitoring) is an advanced solar plant monitoring technology at module level managed by artificial intelligence for smart Operation and Maintenance (O&M). It helps you see if any issue is impacting your solar investment, helps you organize the maintenance of the solar plant, and provides you with troubleshooting advice that save you time and money – all from the comfort of your home.

How does IMM help you monitor and manage your solar plant?

The AEG IMM system helps you track and identify technical issues in the whole plant down to the affected module. IMM´s artificial intelligence pinpoints the „fingerprint“ of any technical defect down to module level.

It reduces the number of interventions and increases their precision – IMM elaborates an optimized O&M intervention plan with clear instructions for operators, who can then act precisely on the detected issue.

It localizes precisely each problem, saving inspection costs and time. IMM allows you to visualize each module with its power output and exact location on the power plant, together with the diagnosed problem.

It puts you in control of your power plant – IMM provides you the comfort of knowing always and exactly how well your plant is performing thanks to full-rounded monitoring and extensive analysis.

Be always in the know: the AEG IMM Web Portal

Powered by Sunsniffer technology’s advanced artificial intelligence, the IMM Web Portal elaborates the live data collected by the sensors, analyzes with large databases and translates them into user-friendly visualizations and instructions to help you, the plant owner, understand the performances of your power plant. Thanks to vast analysis capabilities based on comparison, simulation and „fingerprint tracking“ the system is able to precisely locate the issues generating yield loss.

With the Web Portal, you can see at a glance how your plant is performing in real-time and over time, thanks to the live data conveyed by the IMM sensors which are monitored and constantly pushed to the system’s records.

Thanks to a prompt warning system, IMM provides you with timely updates from remote when a yield-impacting issue is developing. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you are able to understand from remote and at a glance – down to the module level- where exactly intervention is needed for bringing your power plant back to its optimum and organize any intervention in an efficient way. The system further simplifies tracking the maintenance actions made on the plant thanks to its practical fault management system and O&M action plan.

How does the IMM system actually work?

IMM is enabled by a tiny sensor placed either in the junction box, as featured natively by AEG solar modules with integrated IMM Technology, or in a special plug-in box -IMM Upgrade- to be applied to existing solar modules. The sensor interacts with other system components: the IMM sensor, the IMM String Reader, the IMM Gateway, and the IMM Web Portal.

1 – Irradiated by sunshine, the AEG solar modules with integrated IMM Technology/the existing solar modules
with IMM Upgrade produce clean energy.
2- The IMM Sensors within the IMM junction box/ within the IMM Upgrade measure the voltage of each module and the temperature of each junction box.
3- The data from the IMM Sensors are sent to the String Reader via smart Powerline communication (existing DC cabling)
4- The String Readers receive the data from the IMM Sensors and forward them to the Gateway. The String Reader too measures temperature, voltage and current.
5- The transmitted data of the String Reader are collected in the Gateway and sent via internet to the
Web Portal.
6- The Web Portal elaborates the data and displays the analysis.

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