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Your plant´s secrets unveiled: plug-and-play module diagnostics with AEG IMM Upgrade
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‘A’ Rating for AEG: AEG photovoltaic modules obtain Brazil’s INMETRO Certification
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What if your solar module could tell you “Replace me!” ? AEG solar modules with integrated IMM revolutionize O&M
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Thanks to the Individual Module Monitoring (IMM) Technology, AEG solar modules are the only photovoltaic panels which can diagnose their own „health status“ and actively inform the plant owner of any disfunction occurring, at the time it is occurring, providing the plant owner with clear instructions on how to maintain them. For 100% transparency in the functioning of the power plant, savings in O&M and increased ROI.
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Performance is never a matter of chance. Real value is the product of real quality.  AEG solar modules combine quality, value and performance to deliver solar modules tailored for your project needs. Each product is developed to be Perfekt in Form und Funktion.

Part of the AEG family with a hundred-year tradition as a leading German brand in the field of electrical appliances and today headed by Electrolux, AEG photvoltaic modules stand out for their reliability, quality components and enhanced usability, embedding aesthetics and innovation to grant you full control over your PV system and its outputs.

Innovation and usability are at the core of our products, making it smooth for the customer to have direct control over his installation and its yields – what we call 100% transparency. This is why among AEG photovoltaic panels you will also find the integrated Individual Module Monitoring product series, allowing you to gain full insight of the performances of your power plant, which can reduce your Operation and Maintenance costs possibly up to 50% and significantly improve your plant efficiency.

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